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Business Practices in Chad

Opening hours and bank holidays

General Information
Opening Hours and Days
Offices: Monday to Friday 8am-1pm and 2pm-5pm
Banks: Monay to Thursday 7am-1pm; Friday 7am-10.30am

Public Holidays

New Year's Day 1 Jan
Easter Monday 22 Apr  
Labour Day 1 May
Aïd el-Fitr 4 Jun
Independence Day 11 Aug
Aïd el-Kebir 11 Aug
Independence Day Holiday 12 Aug
Aïd el-Kebir Holiday 12 Aug  
All Saints' Day 01 Nov
Prophet Muhammad's Birthday 09 Nov  
Republic Day 28 Nov
Freedom and Democracy Day 1 Dec
Freedom and Democracy Holiday 2 Dec
Christmas Day 25 Dec
Holiday Compensation
If New Year's Day, Labour Day, Independence Day or Freedom and Democracy Day happen on Sundays, the following Monday is considered as paid holiday (Decree 97-413 1997-09-30 PR/MFPT of 1997).

Periods When Companies Usually Close

Christmas time December
 Aïd el-Fitr and  Aïd el-Kebir May vary according to lunar calendar
Ramadan During Ramadan working hours are reduced

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