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Starting a business in Mauritius

Legal Forms of Companies

Private company
Number of partners: limited to 50 shareholders and cannot offer shares to the public.
Capital (max/min): minimum USD 1 per partner
Shareholders and liability: private companies can be:
- Limited by shares, when the liability of its shareholders is limited to any amount unpaid on the shares respectively held;
- Limited by guarantee, when the liability of its members is limited to such amount as the members may respectively undertake to contribute to the assets of the company;
- Unlimited, if no limit is placed on the liability of its shareholders
Public company
Number of partners: may have more than 25 shareholders and may offer to sell its shares to the public
Capital (max/min): no minumum capital required
Shareholders and liability: limited to the amount of the shares
Global Business company
Number of partners: minimum one shareholder and two directors, both ordinarily residing in Mauritius
Capital (max/min): minimum USD 1
Shareholders and liability: may be incorporated as a company limited by shares, a company limited by  guarantee, a company limited by shares and guarantee, an unlimited liability company or a limited life company
Limited Partnership
Number of partners: at least one general partner and one limited partner
Capital (max/min): no minumum capital required
Shareholders and liability: general partners are liable for all the debts and obligations of the partnership
limited partners are liable only up to the maximum amount of their commitment

Business Setup Procedures

Setting Up a Company Mauritius Sub-Saharan Africa
Procedures (number) 4.0 7.5
Time (days) 4.5 21.3

Source: Doing Business - Latest available data.

The Competent Organisation
Corporate and Business Registration Department
For Further Information
Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mauritius Financial Services Commission

Financial Information Directories

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