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Starting a business in Türkiye

Legal Forms of Companies

The Limited Sirket: Limited Liability Company
Number of partners: Between 1 and 50 partners.
Capital (max/min): TRY 10,000
Shareholders and liability: Liability is limited to the amount of capital contributed.
The Anonim Sirket: Public Limited Company
Number of partners: Minimum of one partner.
Capital (max/min): TRY 50,000
Shareholders and liability: Liability is limited to the amount of capital contributed.
Sahis Sirket: Individual Company
Number of partners: One partner.
Capital (max/min): The assets of the company are merged with those of the head of the company.
Shareholders and liability: The businessperson is indefinitely liable for the professional debts on the whole of his assets.
General Partnership (SCS) or Joint-Stock Company (SCA)
Number of partners: The SCS - SCA is made up of two distinct categories of partners: active partners and silent partners.
Capital (max/min): SCS: Contrary to joint-stock companies (SA, SAS, SCA), no minimum capital is required to constitute an SCS. The partners decide freely the amount of capital to be paid up at the constitution.

SCA: The same rules as for a public limited company.
Shareholders and liability: Silent partners are the shareholders of the company and are only liable for debts according to the amount of capital they have contributed. The shares are registered. The silent partners' assembly follows the same rules as in a public limited company (SA).

Active partners have the status of traders and are appointed by the silent partners. They are indefinitely and jointly liable for debts on their own property.


Business Setup Procedures

Setting Up a Company Türkiye Eastern Europe & Central Asia
Procedures (number) 7.0 5.3
Time (days) 7.0 11.8

Source: Doing Business - Latest available data.

The Competent Organisation
The Chambers of Commerce and Industry in each region where the headquarters of the company have been set up: Istanbul (ITO); Izmir (IZTO); Bursa (BTSO); Ankara (ATO).
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