flag Kosovo Kosovo: Introdução

Capital: Pristina


Total Population: 720,839,314
Natural Increase: 2.5%
Density: 47 Inhabitants/km²
Urban Population: 37.8%
Ethnic Origins: Kosovar Albanians represent about 93% of the population, ethnic Serbs 1.5% (mostly in the north of the country), and people of other ethnic backgrounds (Bosniak, Gorani, Roma, Turk, Ashkali, Egyptian) about 5.5%. (Statistical Agency of Kosovo)
Official Language: Albanian and Serbian
Other Languages Spoken: Bosniak, Turkish, Roma
Business Language(s): English
Religion: Muslim (88%), Serbian Orthodox (7%), other beliefs (5%).
Literacy Rate: 94.0%

Local Time:

It is %T:%M %A In Pristina

Exchange Rate on :

National Currency: Euro (EUR)

Country Overview

Area: 15,162,006 km²
Type of State: Parliamentary republic
Type of Economy: Lower-middle-income economy.
Economy based on money sent home by migrants and international aid.


Telephone Code:
To call from Kosovo, dial 99
To call Kosovo, dial +381 or +377 (subject to change rapidly)
Internet Suffix: .rs (subject to change rapidly)

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